Upon Waking


In her lyrical, compelling, and poignant voice, bestselling author and Bible teacher Jackie Hill Perry offers 60 short, daily reflections on specific passages from Scripture to help you awaken to the God you were made for, the life you were made for, and the person you were made to be.

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There is nothing in your hands that God won’t replace with more of Himself. So let it go. Let i fly. Let it burn. God is better anyway.

What do you wake up to each day? What do you discover once your eyes have opened and you put your feet to the floor? A mountain of notifications? An endless feed of headlines that make you angry? A flood of tasks that you can’t possibly get done in the next twenty-four hours?

What if you could wake up each day to discover something so much bigger–and so much better for you–than all that chaos? What if you could discover God? What if you could discover yourself in light of that God? What if your eyes could be opened to the things that really mattered? What if, in one simple devotional a day, you could glean principles from timeless wisdom to sharpen you for each day’s inevitable challenges?

Jackie Hill Perry is an author, poet, Bible teacher, and artist. Since becoming a Christian, she has been compelled to use her speaking and teaching gifts to share the light of the gospel of God as authentically as she can. At home she is a wife to Preston and mommy to Eden, Autumn, Sage and August.

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