The Tithing Principle


The concept of ”Tithing” reoccurs throughout the bible, but what is it that God is trying to say?

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The concept of ”Tithing” reoccurs throughout the bible, but what is it that God is trying to say?

In the pursuit of answering this question, Per-Olof Eurell is making a thorough study of all the scriptures in the Bible mentioning tithing. He is moreover making a survey of how tithing has been practiced within Judaism and Christianity throughout history.

Lessons are of great interest. Not all people know that many of the world’s greatest and most well-known enterprises were founded by people who were dedicated tithers, and connected their success to God’s blessing.
How one should relate to tithing is not uncomplicated and unambiguous in Christianity today. Some people say that tithing merely were an Old Testament tax system belonging to a theocratic state, and that the concept is not relevant for Christians of today—whatsoever.

Others would argue that tithing is the foundation for living in financial abundance. An extreme outlook of any kind here, would easily lead towards running into ditches.
The topic contains more nuances than most readers probably are aware of. The message of the Bible is however solid enough that it stands tall without any exaggerations.

The lessons about giving that are found in the Bible and the history give clear instructions; the author calls these the Tithing Principle.

About the author:
Per-Olof Eurell is a businessman, speaker and author. He is a well-known figure in Swedish trade and industry,
having had influential positions in several Swedish largescale enterprises.
Eurell has also made himself known for his great commitment to church and missions work. He is married to Nancy, and they live in Märsta. They have three children and one grandchild.

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