The Journey Out


How I followed Jesus away from gay.

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I didn’t think there was a way out.

Many churches and individuals now affirm the gay Christian life and cheer-on LGBTQ Pride. But what if the LGBTQ life isn’t the party-for our neighbors, loved ones, or ourselves-that the world says it is? What if these valuable people are in pain? Pain that sex and Gay Pride won’t heal?

After a life of hopelessness and a suicidal season over his confused sexual identity and unwanted same-sex desires, Ken discovered that Jesus offered real inner healing and intimate relationship. Since then, Ken has worked tirelessly to help others experience the same hope and transformation he found.

In The Journey Out, Ken Williams will…

  • Demystify homosexuality and gender identity issues.
  • Share stories of real transformation of sexual identity.
  • Help you form an intimate connection with Jesus and journey toward wholeness and freedom.
  • Lead you to meet with God in key areas crucial to growth.
  • Offer wisdom for supporters: parents, family, friends, and pastors.

If you are longing to be deeply known and unconditionally loved, Jesus wants to fulfill those desires, regardless of your area of struggle. You will meet Him in the pages of The Journey Out and discover a new life filled with true hope and enduring joy

Ken Williams encountered God as a supernatural good father after years of hopelessness and a suicidal struggle with homosexuality, and that CHANGED everyting. Ken is now married to his beautiful wife (since 2006), and the have four children together. He is a pastor (Redding, CA), co-leads an LGBTQ ministry (, is co-founder of a movement of men and women who testify of transformation (, and holds a B.S. in Marketing/Finance.

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