Russia stole our hearts


English translation of a semi-autobiographical work ”Ryssland stal våra hjärtan” that shows what the power of God can do in Russia when believers unit together.

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No one imagined the consequences of the fall of the Iron Curtain, and few even expected or predicted that it would fall. But the break came and the Spirit of God gave birth to an initiative which grew to be bigger, stronger and more influential than any of us could ever have envisaged. When Russia opened up,  continent opened up for Jesus.

Carl-Gustaf Severin has a unique place in this. His love for the people of Russia is Quite remarkable. His total devotion, which enables him to forsake all, is incomparable. The fruit from his life and his work is great, precious and lasting. Read this book and delight in what God can do through a church with faith in Him. Experience what can happen an how expansive it can be when believers work together.

About the author:
Carl-Gustaf Severin, his wife Monika and their children have been a part of Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden since 1989. Carl-Gustaf is passionate about missions and has been traveling for more than 30 years in over 60 countries, preaching the Gospel and teaching in Bible Schools, especially in the former Soviet Union.

Other books he has written are Give Us the Nations, and It’s Never Wrong to be Totally Sober.

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