Restoring hope


Don’t lose hope. In the darkest night, the stars come out.

Also available in Swedish: Uppliva hoppet

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Don’t lose hope. In the darkest night, the stars come out.

Have you ever found yourself in a state of despair, wondering how you could possibly get through without losing all hope?
Even though our lives might seem hopeless, God’s plan is to take us through the night and restore our hope in Him. However, sometimes we do not know how to approach him or, above all, ask Him for the impossible.

Whatever your situation is, you have a choice: Will you cower in your hopelessness, or will you reach out to the One who is more than able?

Hope is not based on denial of what we see, but rather on God’s spoken Word, despite what we see, just as Abraham clung to God’s promise and looked at the stars, believing that He could change the natural circumstances in order to make that promise a reality.

Childlessness having taken him into the battle of his life, Ville Männistö knows what it is like to be in desperate need of a miracle. Using solid biblical teaching and real-life stories, Ville takes us on a journey of renewed hope and assurance that God still works miracles.

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