Penetrating the Darkness


Discovering the Power of the Cross Against Unseen Evil

You have the power of the risen Christ – is the enemy holding you back?

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You have the power of the risen Christ – is the enemy holding you back?

Everywhere we look, it seems as if evil has taken hold: in popular culture, in our children’s schools, even in our churches. You want to make a difference, but what can one person do?

One person can defeat the darkness.

When you loose God’s power in your life, His light will flood your home, your community, your world. Now, for the first time, esteemed pastor Jack Hayford gives you his personal battle plan för doing just that: unleashing God’s power and defeating hell on earth. He shows you how to

  • develop a powerful paryer life
  • engage in effective intercession
  • understand the weapons in your arsenal
  • confront – and defeat – evil
  • and more.

When you embrace the power of the cross, you will push back the evil of this world, penetrating even the deepest places where the enemy’s darkness dwells.

Jack Hayford is founding pastor of The Church On The Way, chancellor of The King’s University and founder of the jack W. Hayford School of Pastoral Nurture. He has written more than forty books, and his national radio and television programs span the world.

Rebecca Hayford Bauer has served in pastoral ministry for more than thirty years and is a professor at The King’s University and Foursquare Ignite. She is the author of several books and speaks widely.

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