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Stepping into the Light when Depression Darkens What You See

Do you feel guilt and shame about negative thoughts and emotions and your inability to overcome them? Bestselling author and pastor Chris Hodges helps those struggling with depression find liberating solutions by drawing from the life of the prophet Elijah.

You might be asking, Should a Christian even be having these struggles?

Depression is the number one health issue in the world today, yet those who suffer are still sometimes stigmatized—especially followers of Jesus. Many assume God’s peace, power, and protection should prevent us from ever feeling anxious, depressed, and afraid. But the Bible teaches otherwise, particularly in its depiction of the life of the Old Testament prophet Elijah.

In Out of the Cave, Chris Hodges uses Elijah’s life to show us that everyone is susceptible to depression. Even when we’re walking closely with God, we can still stumble and get lost in the wilderness of tangled emotions. But we don’t have to stay there, because we serve a God who meets us in the darkness. Out of the Cave helps us

  • remove the stigma of depression and realize we’re not alone;
  • understand the ways our temperament and view of God affect the way we handle depression; and
  • learn a comprehensive approach to wellness—mind, body, and soul—from Elijah’s journey.

With his trademark blend of Bible-based wisdom, practical application, and vulnerability in sharing his personal struggles, Hodges explores the causes of depression we can’t change, the contributors we can conquer, and offers transformative hope and spiritual power to help us win the battle.

Chris Hodges, founding and senior pastor of Church of the Highlands, is known for his relevant teaching style and his passion for raising up global leaders to fulfill the Great Commission.

Under his leadership, Church of the Highlands offers more than 70 worship services each weekend at 23 campuses with over 60,000 people attending weekly. With a focus on helping people realize the spiritual journey that God has for them, Chris leads people to know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference.

Chris co-founded the Association of Related Churches (ARC) (arcchurches.com) in 2001, which trains more than 1,000 church planters every year. To date, ARC has planted over 960 churches all across the USA (now averaging over 100 new churches every year).

Chris also founded a coaching network called Grow (growleader.com) specializing in training and resourcing pastors and churches to help them break barriers and reach their growth potential. Each year more than 4,000 pastors attend sold-out conferences and roundtables in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia led by Chris and his team. These events train pastors and leaders in a simple yet systematic model based on his bestselling books What’s Next? and Fresh Air. Grow currently serves over 15,000 churches in more than 100 countries.

Chris’ other books include The Daniel Dilemma, Four Cups, and his newest book, Out of the Cave: Stepping into the Light When Depression Darkens What You See (a study in depression using the life of the prophet Elijah).

As Chancellor of Highlands College (highlandscollege.com), an accredited two-year ministry training college that gives students a chance to receive hands-on ministry training in a healthy, college environment, Chris is committed to placing leaders of character and competence into the harvest field. Students are currently being developed in areas such as Pastoral Leadership, Student Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Missions, Technical Arts, Worship, and Creative Arts.

Chris also serves on the Board of Directors of EQUIP, a global leadership training organization founded by John Maxwell. EQUIP has trained over 6 million leaders in 196 countries of the world.

Chris and his wife Tammy have five children and seven grandchildren and live in Birmingham, Alabama, where Church of the Highlands began in 2001.

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