Of Dirt and Grace: Live from the Land


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Of Dirt and Grace: Live from the Land is the thirteenth live album from Australian contemporary worship music band Hillsong United, a worship band from Hillsong Church. The album was released on 15 July 2016, under Hillsong MusicSparrow Records and Capitol Christian Music Group.[1] Touted as a ”visual album”, the record features new arrangements of their fourth studio album, Empires (2015), which were performed live and filmed around various locations in Israel. The album was also released in DVD on 29 July 2016. ”Prince of Peace” was released as the album’s lead single in July 2016.

  1. Here Now
  2. Say the Word
  3. Heart Like Heaven
  4. Touch the Sky
  5. Street Called Mercy
  6. When I Lost My Heart to You
  7. Even When It Hurts
  8. Prince of Peace
  9. Empires
  10. Rule
  11. Captain
  12. Closer

Bonus tracks

  1. 13. I Surrender
  2. 14. Ocenas
  3. 15. Scandal of Grace

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