Love Busters: Overcoming Habits That Destroy Romantic Love


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. In Love Busters, Willard F. Harley, Jr., helps couples identify and overcome the most common habits that destroy the feeling of love. With his guidance, they will be able to avoid behavior that tears a marriage apart and focus instead on building their love for each other.

This new edition expands on six love busters (versus five in the previous edition), including:
selfish demands
disrespectful judgments
angry outbursts
annoying habits
thoughtless behavior.

Harley also explains how to resolve various marital conflicts, such as career choices and financial planning.

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Insightful material from Harleys book, Give and Take, is now included in Love Busters, as well as discussion questions that help couples apply the principles in the book to their marriage.
With readers now enjoying the anniversary edition of His Needs, Her Needs and the newly released Fall in Love, Stay in Love, it’s the perfect time for an updated version of Love Busters to round out their collection.

This important book both expands on foundational concepts found in Fall in Love, Stay in Love and shows readers how to maintain the love that His Needs, Her Needs taught them to build.

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