Living the Lazarus Life: A Guidebook for Spiritual Transformation


Beneath your shroud lies a resurrected life


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The story of Lazarus offers a profound parallel for every Christian’s journey in faith. It’s a story of hope and heartbreak, joy and sorrow, life and death. It’s a story of spiritual change found through the transforming power of Christ.

This remarkable workbook is designed to help you discover your personal story of spiritual transformation. More than a study guide, this resource offers practical, engaging, and interactive ways to truly experience growth and change in your life.

Features include:

  • Excerpts from Living the Lazarus Life and full Bible references, allowing for standalone reading and studying Fresh insights and truths from the story of Lazarus
  • Compelling Scripture studies that examine key themes for each chapter and session
  • Reflective, introspective questions to ponder, explore, and discuss
  • Powerful prayers of transformation
  • Reading suggestions to enhance your growth
  • 12 in-depth sessions that are ideal for both personal study and group environments You’ve read his story of transformation. Now experience your very own.

You’ve read his story of transformation. Now experience your very own.

Stephen W Smith is the cofounder and spiritual director of The Potter’s Inn Ministry, a resource to churches, organizations, and individuals in their spiritual growth and soul care. He is the author of  Embracing Soul Care and the editor and complier for  The Transformation of a Man’s Heart series. Stephen lives with his wife, Gwen, in Colorado.

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