It is never wrong to be totally sober


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Can alcohol be a part of the christian lifestyle?
Is there a reason to completely abstain from alcohol?
Should the church be a totally alcohol free zone?

Carl-Gustaf Severin deals with these and many other questions in this book, while he also tells about alcohol related incidents from both his own life and others’ lives. The book contains many examples of how alcohol has had devastating consequences in the lives of individual people and our society, but also shows how we Christians can decide to be a positive factor in this issue.

”The topic Carl-Gustaf deals with in this book is very important, and I am glad he has written it. He has a strong commitment to a problem that so tragically destroys so many people’s lives today. My wish is that the book will reach far and be a concrete help to people of all ages and backgrounds and enable them to make vital decisions. Decisions that affect children, families and entire churches. We need to raise up a new young and sober generation in this country!”
Ulf Ekman

”This book is an appeal. Severin speaks out in a bold but very warmhearted manner. With his unique storytelling gift, his rich experiences and his tireless evangelist zeal, he is totally convincing. I hope that all parents are wise enough to let their teens read it.”
Daniel Viklund

”An author must touch the reader; a narrator must have a message, a purpose. The book you have in your hand is written by a man who is fervent; he is serious and has a message! The book has the potential to become a handbook for a sober lifestyle. Comprehensible arguments, concrete preventive advice, real guidance for help out of addiction. Despite this, the greatest merit of the book is that the author ignites me as a reader. It may come to ignite and awaken the large group of ‘anonymous abstainers’ to personal responsibility.”
Sten-Gunnar Hedin

”It is an important book you are holding in your hand. It is a wonderful encouragement to living a sober life in a time when alcohol is flowing. With a warm tone and without any moralistic lectures, Carl-Gustaf Severin mixes frightening statistics, tragic examples, personal experiences and good arguments. But he also presents a self-experienced alternative to alcohol. A life together with the Holy Spirit. Sweden needs a sober Christianity, and sober churches can help people trapped in the claws of alcohol. The book provides a good foundation and a lot of inspiration for more sober decisions. Read it and pass it on to others. It can literally save people’s lives.”
Lukas Berggren

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