I Dare You: Embrace Life with Passion


AudioBook –  5 CD Set

In English – Read by Sandra McCollom

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In I DARE YOU, Joyce Meyer explains that we all need a reason to get up everyday. We all need to reach for something beyond ourselves. Over the centuries, millions of people have asked, ”What am I here for? What is my purpose?” We are born; we live; and we die. We cannot do anything about being born or dying, but we can do a lot about how we live.

Taking responsibility for how we live takes courage. To accept life as it comes and to be determined to make the most we can out of it, is a challenge. Joyce challenges listeners to make sure they live their lives with purpose and passion. Each individual has an intrinsic desire to reach for goals that seem unreachable, to be moving toward something at all times.

She teaches that everyone has a purpose, God has a plan, and with the decision to align ourselves with that plan, anyone can live out their days with vigor and enthusiasm. And last but not least, Joyce dares you to live with purpose and passion and discover the profound effect this will have on their lives.

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