How to Pray: A Guide For Young Explorers


Inspired by the hugely successful How to Pray. Pete Greig takes his simple guide to prayer and gives children the same tools and encouragement. How to Pray: A Guide for Young Explorers is packed full of real life stories, teaching, fun facts, activities and inspiration to get creative and confident in prayer.

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The bestselling book How to Pray in an accessible format for children.

Offering Pete Greig as your trusted guide, this book will teach you how to pray: How to fight spiritual battles! How to hear God for yourself! How to see more miracles! And it will also help answer your tough questions about times when prayers didn’t work and about how to forgive people who have hurt you.

How to Pray: A Guide for Young Explorers is the go-to book for a new generation, jam-packed with stories, illustrations, personal testimonies, and help from Pete’s friend TV presenter Gemma Hunt. Prayer has never been so easy to navigate.

The worldwide 24-7 Prayer movement began with a bunch of young people who simply started praying one day in a smelly warehouse in a place called Chichester. (It took ages to persuade any older people to get involved!) From there it’s spread into more than one hundred nations, and there have been absolutely loads of miracles! This book is your invitation to get involved, and I’m exited because amazing things happen when young people like you really learn to pray.


How to Pray: A Guide for Young Explorers is especially suitable for 8-11 year olds. However, we think that those who are a little younger will enjoy reading it with a trusted adult, and those who are older will appreciate the exciting and interesting insights on prayer it provides.

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