How to Hear God


Author of How to Pray

Citing heroes as diverse as Augustine, Sojourner Truth, and Heidi Baker, Pete skillfully weaves together the insigts of four great Christian traditions; the evangelical emphasis on hearing God in the Bible, the charismatic experience of hearing God i prophecy, the contemplative understanding of God’s ”still small voice” within, and the sacramental celebration of God’s unending revelation in creation and culture.

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One of the most trusted voices on prayer turns his attention to one of the most important topis of our time: how to hear God.

  • ”I need guidance.”
  • ”I desire to grow in my faith.”
  • ”I need the Bible to come alive.”
  • ”I want to understand prophesy.”
  • ”I need my prayers to be answered.”

Nothing could possibly matter more than learning to discern the voice of God, but few things in life are more susceptible to delusion and deception.

Writing with refreshing honesty and humor, Pete Greig explores the story of Christ’s playful, poignant conversation on the road to Emmaus and champions the ancient practice of lectio divina.

This is a book to make your faith come alive by turning your ordinary everyday prayers to a real, conversational relationship with the God who is speaking, more than you know.

Pete Greig is the bewildered founder of the 24-7 Prayer movement and the senior pastor of Emmaus Rd church in England. He cowrites the Lectio 365 daily devotional and also written a number of bestselling books, including God on Mute and How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People, the prequel to How to Hear God.

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