Dream to Destiny


Have you given up on your dreams?

Have the realities of life gotten in the way of your destiny?

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Pastor and bestelling author Robert Morris shares exactly how to navigate the journey from your dreams to your destiny. Using the biblical story of Joseph, he explains how Joseph had a God-given deram, but he didn’t reach his destiny overnight. Over a period of thirteen years, God took Joseph through the character-building tests that prepared him for his extraordinary future-tests you also need to pass to reach your destiny.

Filled with biblical truths, personal stories, and practical applications, Dream to Destiny equips you to successfully:

  • Navigate ten character-building tests.
  • Persevere through waiting and uncertainty.
  • Identify your gifts and talents.
  • Discover the purpose behind your dreams.
  • Fulfill your God-given destiny.

This newley revised and expanded edition is full of profound insight and hope. No matter where you are in life, you have a meaningful and bright future ahead-beyond what you could ever imagine!

Why settle for a dream when you can have the destiny?


Robert Morris is the senior pastor of Gateway Chruch, a multicampus church in Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas. He is the bestselling author of numerous books, including The Blessed Life, Frequnency, Beyond Blessed, and The God I Never Knew.

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