Beloved Hated Israel


Ulf Ekman, in an empathetic, descriptive and personal way, takes us on a journey through the Israel of yesterday and today – a journey full of controversies, lined with fascinating personalities and permeated by the harsh reality that belongs to the everyday lives of Holy Land inhabitants.

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Israel is a land like no other – a land that has always been controversial but which God has held watchfully in His hand from the very beginning.

The aim of this book is to convey some of Israel’s uniqueness. Historical events, biblical facts and personal observations are combined, resulting in a cavalcade of insights, thoughts and perspectives.

In the land that through the ages has given rise to hatred as well as love, the land where an abundance of completely separate worlds are forced to meet, and the land where religious battles are fiercer than anywhere else, the reality of the Bible is more vivid than ever. God has a master plan for Israel, which in times of anxiety, hatred and violence will shake the world and cause great amazement.


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