All Yours is Mine


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Do you know what it mean to be in covenant with God?                          

If you are searching for more meaning in your Christian walk, there is a deeper revelation available in the power of the New Covenant. In this book we will see how a single story runs through the whole Bible, weaving a beautiful garment of salvation from the Old into the New Testament, culminating in the significant work of Jesus on the cross.

Understanding the covenant mindset of the Bible is foundational for our identity and for our relationship with God. God loves us just the way we are, but His plan is not for us to remain as we are. Jesus wants to take our broken lives, breathe His life into them and show us through His covenant how everything that belongs to Him belongs to us!

Ville Männistö works as a Pastor and Missions Coordinator at Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden. He has been actively involved in missions and lived overseas for many years. He teaches regularly in the Bible Schools all over the world and is known for his uplifting messages of faith and hope.

Ville lives outside Uppsala together with his wife and their son. Other books he has written are Give us the nations (co-author), I woke up in Afghanistan, I found myself in Iraq and Restoring Hope.


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