Give Us The Nations



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God has a mission and you are part of it.

This book invites you to get taught up in God’s mission in the world. It also shows what it means to be a Christian with a heart for missions and with a willingness to go.

There is a great need for missionaries in the world and we are all called to live our lives for missions–whoever we are, whatever we do and wherever we go.

If you have a longing for missions and wonder how to take the next step, this book will encourage you and show you how to do it.

“Jesus is passionate about reaching the world with love and truth, and as His church, we’re called to carry that passion out! In Give Us the Nations, Carl-Gustaf and Ville articulate what it means to live the Great Commission. This book unpacks the practical steps that can enable any believer to embrace a heart of missions—a heart that reflects the very heart of God.”
John Bevere 

“For Word of Life church and our ministry, mission is not simply an optional activity but a lifestyle, a passion, part of our whole DNA. I have seen in the lives of thousands how following the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, not only brings the good news of the Gospel and the power of salvation to people. It also unlocks joy, freedom, purpose and spiritual freshness in the life of the messenger. No one I know could inspire for missions stronger and better than my dear and close friends Carl-Gustaf and Ville. I pray God will use their book not only to enlighten and encourage, but to propel you into what might well become the greatest adventure in your life: missions!”
Joakim Lundqvist

Extract from the book:
We had just had several great revival meetings with 1,200 people getting saved over a three week period. With this victory in our minds we went to a town called Zugdidi, Georgia and started our meetings. 

When I had started our last meeting, seven huge men who looked like members of the Mafia suddenly stepped in. They started throwing people out and beating every­thing that moved. Everyone fled from the place except some old ladies. 

I thought to myself: Oh no, this will turn ugly
Carl-Gustaf Severin

About the authors:
Carl-Gustaf Severin, with his wife Monika, have been part of Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden since 1989.
Carl-Gustaf is passionate about missions and has been traveling for more than 30 years in over 60 countries, preaching the Gospel and teaching in Bible Schools, especially in the former Soviet Union.
Carl-Gustaf is known for his uplifting messages and being great motivator and skillful in mobilizing people into missions.
Other books he has written are Russia Stole our Hearts and It’s Never Wrong to be Totally Sober.

Ville Männistö has been actively involved with missions since 2005. With his wife Johanna they have lived in Asia for many years.
Ville is regularly teaching in the Bible Schools on our mission fields and is passioinate to see the next generation of missionaries raised up.
He is working as a missions coordinator in Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden and is also responsible for Word of Life’s international publishing.

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